Castellan Information Security and Unisys Announcement

Castellan Information Security Services Inc. ("Castellan") is pleased to announce their partnership with Unisys for their Cyber Security Platform - Unisys Stealth®. Stealth™ serves as the foundation for Zero Trust across your entire network.

Built on communities of interest to achieve micro-segmentation goals. Unisys Stealth enables organizations to achieve Zero Trust by Reducing Risk, Responding in Real-Time and through Seamless Integration.

As a partner for Unisys, Castellan will enable our clients to design, size, and implement Unisys' Stealth solution.

Castellan Information Security Services

Castellan Information Security Services Inc. is a Winnipeg-based end-to-end provider of Information Security professional services, solutions, and products that will enable and empower you to protect your information in all forms (physical and digital) against internal and external threats. Castellan Information Security provides industry-leading professionals to companies looking to bridge the skills gap in their in-house expertise and focuses on being a high-quality provider in the specialized areas of information security. Castellan's suite of services includes Business Impact Assessment, Cyber Risk Assessment, Integrated Information Security Risk Assessment®, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Architecture and Technology Assessment, Security Program Development and Management, Virtual CISO, and Security Technology Evaluation, Selection & Health Checks.


Unisys is a global IT services company that delivers successful outcomes for the most demanding businesses and governments. Unisys offerings include digital workplace services, cloud and infrastructure services and software operating environments for high-intensity enterprise computing. Unisys integrates security into all of its solutions. For more information on how Unisys delivers for its clients across the government, financial services and commercial markets, visit

Unisys Stealth®

Working both inside networks and remotely, Stealth reduces attack surfaces by creating dynamic, identity-driven microsegments called communities of interest, separating trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. Encryption between endpoints cloaks assets from unauthorized users, while Dynamic Isolation™ capabilities quickly isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise. As a result, authorized users and devices within microsegments are cloaked from attackers and data exfiltration is blocked.


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