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Non-Digital Services

Castellan Information Security is an end-to-end information security service provider. We work with clients to identify and address any gaps impacting their corporate, financial, personal, proprietary, and sensitive information.

Our differentiator is that we take a holistic/integrated approach to information security that focuses on digital/cyber/IT as well as information in non-digital forms.

Our services are designed to gather information from key resources within the client's business and identify gaps that present risks to company information. Assessors can examine four key areas within the client's organization followed by a report outlining key findings and recommendations.

Security Assessments

Business Impact Assessments
Security Risk Assessments
Compliance Assessments
Integrated Security Assessments
Physical Security Assessments
Technical Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
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Security Assurance

Security Strategy and Roadmaps
Security Architecture and Program Management
Policies and Standards
Processes and Procedures
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Technology Security Solutions

Security Technology Evaluation, Selection and Health Checks
Deployment and Configuration
Technology Processes
Technology Procedures
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Security Awareness

Executive Security Training
Industry Security Training
Security Practitioner Training
Employee Security Awareness Training
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Why Castellan?

Castellan's competitive advantage

We provide solutions, products and professional services that will enable and empower you to protect your information in all forms (physical and digital) against internal and external threats. There are very few of Castellan's competitors that provide any services that consider the physical security of information and because of this, there is a gap in the market for an end-to-end integrated information security services company like Castellan Information Security.

Castellan has a team of senior-level consultants from both physical and cybersecurity perspectives. Many of the consultants have over 25+ years of experience in delivering their services to clients in various sectors and of all sizes.

We also have strategic partnerships with key players and channel partners in the information security industry, ensuring you benefit from best-in-class solutions for our integrated approach.

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Specializing in all areas of information security

We empower our clients to protect their information in all forms (physical and digital) against internal and external security threats.

Castellan's five pillars of Integrated Information Security.

  • Governance and Corporate Culture
  • Physical and Personnel Security
  • Non-IT Information
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • IT and Cyber Security

Castellan Information Security provides industry-leading professionals to companies looking to bridge the skills gap in their in-house expertise. We are a high-quality provider in the specialized areas of information security, who prides itself on building long-term relationships with the clients we serve.

About us


Over 27 years experience


Increase in detected security incidents


Canada's ranking for global data breaches


Average total cost for a data breach


Proven experience working on projects of all sizes and scope

We serve the marketplace by being an 'end-to-end' provider of information security services, products and professional services.

Castellan Information Security can provide services to any type of organization that collects, uses and archives data, including the following:

  • Government
  • Finance Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Business
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

Integrated Security for organizations protecting their valuable assets

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Castellan Information Security can help you apply for a funded "Cybersecurity Audit".

July 28, 2023

Grants up to $5,000 available and we are excited to be able to support you with additional services and training following the audit.

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Castellan Information Security Services ("Castellan") is pleased to welcome Jason Winter to our team

May 19, 2023

Jason will be stepping into the role of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Expert

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