Making sure you remain compliant

What is payment card industry (PCI) - security standard (DSS) assessment?

Organizations that use payment card systems are required to comply with industry standards to ensure their processes are secure and financial information is properly protected. A PCI - DSS Assessment is an in-depth look at a company's payment card processes and systems to determine compliance and identify possible risks.​

How Can Castsellan Help?​

Castellan will review your payment card processes and systems with a methodology and industry standard practice to identify your compliance and the uplift required to achieve compliance quickly and accurately.​

Outputs / Deliverables​

  • Identification of risks impacting client's data based on threats posed from payment card systems, processes, and 3rd parties​
  • Confirmation that client's payment card systems and processes are secure and compliance with industry standards​
  • Recommendations to address vulnerabilities​
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