Castellan Information Security is a company that places significant emphasis on our values and ethics to guide how we conduct our business and foster relationships both internal to the organization and with external partners.

We take our values and ethics seriously and expect the same from all of our employees, managers, executives and consultants to use these foundations for all of our actions, behaviors and communications.

Protection of Client Information

We will treat our clients' information as if it were our own. As an information security company, we understand that clients will provide us with access to their sensitive data and it is imperative that we take all necessary steps to protect this information to the best of our ability to prevent harm to these clients.


We will conduct all of our business with integrity, and high ethical standards. More specifically, all activities, decisions and communications of the organization must be based on honesty, moral responsibility and authenticity that are focussed on the best interests of our clients.

Highest Quality of Service

We will recommend and implement solutions, provide advice, solve problems and deliver services with the highest level of quality according to industry standards, best practises and aligned with the needs of our clients. We will strive to ensure we are a leader in understanding the latest in information security threats as well as the most innovative solutions that can be tailored to meet the tactical needs of our clients.


All Castellan managers, employees and consultants will conduct their business and communications with humility. Although we are specialists in the domain of information security, we value communications and professional relationships that are based on openness, listening, respect for the businesses of the clients we serve and that portray a sense of modest confidence.

Respectful Relationships and Communications

It is critical that everyone working for and representing Castellan Information Security places high value in building respectful relations with both external and internal parties at all times. This includes ensuring that the appropriate and professional language is used during all communications and any conflict is managed with tact, understanding and calmness.


It is expected that all employees, managers, executives and consultants follow these values and ethics while incorporating them as a guide to all actions, decisions and communications.

It is expected that anyone who witnesses incidences that violate these values and ethics report it to management at Castellan as soon as possible.

All employees, managers, executives and consultants read, understand and agree with these values and ethics.

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