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Castellan Information Security and Unisys Announcement

Castellan Information Security Services Inc. (“Castellan”) is pleased to announce their partnership with Unisys for their Cyber Security Platform – Unisys Stealth®. Stealth™ serves as the foundation for Zero Trust across your entire network.  

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IJM Canada Interview with Azhar Laldin, Managing Director of Castellan Information Security

Interesting interview about how Castellan Information Security supports IJM, who are the largest anti-slavery organization in the world.

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Castellan Information Security supporting the IJM 2020 Cherished Event

A Canada-Wide Event to learn more about IJM's work in the Philippines where they combat cybersex trafficking of children.

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Castellan's Azhar Laldin will be part of a panel at the upcoming Fraud & Cyber Info Event hosted by HSBC

Cybercrime and targeted fraud are on the rise. The consequences are significant, from business disruption and ransomed data to reputation damage and financial loss.

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Castellan Information Security Services Inc. (“Castellan”) launches in Winnipeg

Castellan® is an end-to-end provider of security solutions and services, including security assessment services, security assurance services, security solution implementation services, and security awareness services.

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