Castellan Information Security is Proud to have 2 Speakers at ATLSECCON

We are very proud to have Azhar Laldin and Jason Winter representing Castellan Information Security Services as speakers at ATLSECCON - ATLSECCON - ATLSECCON (April 4th and 5th in Halifax, Nova Scotia). Their expertise and dedication to advancing organizational cybersecurity & resilience programs make them invaluable assets to Castellan and the broader security community.

Azhar will be speaking about leadership traits of a highly effective security officer. CISO (and other Security Leaders) are often considered to be in a technically focussed role. However, CISOs are becoming an essential partner for not only implementing security but also to support organization's business objectives, build collaborative partnerships with other parts of the organization, and to be the champions for promoting a culture of security. Due to this evolution in their role, it is critical for CISOs to identify and grow in their non-technical skills. Azhar's presentation will highlight some of the key leadership traits that a CISO should posses and grow in to be the leader their staff look up to and their peers trust and respect.

As an experienced executive-level security professional who has advised complex organizations in building their cybersecurity programs, he will unravel the key traits and strategies that distinguish highly effective Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

Jason Winter, a seasoned professional in the field of preparing organizations for adverse events including cybersecurity data breaches, will delve into the intricate relationship between Business Continuity Planning and Information Security. Jason promises to shed light on strategies that ensure not only the resilience of your operations but also on how to properly ready your organization for when, not if, a cybersecurity event occurs.

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