Castellan Information Security supporting the IJM 2020 Cherished Event

Slavery is illegal almost everywhere - but today an estimated 40.3 million children, women and men are trapped as slaves around the world.

With a focus on aftercare, IJM Canada hopes you can join us on November 20th to learn more about our work in the Philippines where we combat cybersex trafficking of children.

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. Paedophiles and predators anywhere in the world can now search online and wire a secure payment to an adult who sets up the show. Boys and girls-some under 2 years old-are abused or forced to perform sex acts in front of a webcam. The more abusive the show, the more the customer pays.

IJM is working with Philippine authorities and foreign law enforcement to protect children in the Philippines, but also to develop a replicable model that can stop cybersex trafficking from spreading globally. This includes the aftercare program which gives survivors the support and tools they need to heal and to thrive.

Castellan is proud to be a sponsor of this important event!


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