Castellan Information Security announces the launch of its Security Operations Centre (SOC) service "Crimson Shield"

Castellan Information Security announces the launch of its Security Operations Centre (SOC) service "Crimson Shield" to help small and medium sized clients protect their data.

Castellan Information Security (Castellan) is pleased to launch a new service to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) protect their data against damaging cyber-attacks.

"Crimson Shield" is an advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) service designed to protect a company's or public organization's data. It uses commercial-grade detection software and cyber security professionals working 24/7 in a 'command center' approach to quickly identify, investigate, and stop cyber threats.

"Crimson Shield" is ISO aligned and tailored to meet the unique business operations, data security needs and price considerations for SMEs. The value delivered by a SOC is next-level data protection beyond what 'off the shelf' antivirus software provides. It is designed specifically for enterprises and the unique threats they face from cyber-attacks.

In addition to the commercial grade scanning technology, Castellan's team of cyber security professionals protect your organization around the clock by monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and investigating cyber threats in real time. ​It analyzes data activity, establishes protection rules, identifies anomalies, and keeps a lookout for new vulnerabilities. ​ Once detected, the SOC then stops the attack by using leading edge security measures and protocols.​

This service has been specially designed to offer cost-effective protection for your data that can be easily integrated into your information management and business operations.

If you want to learn more or discuss how our SOC service could protect your data, please email us at

Castellan is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based end-to-end information security services company offering our clients a holistic and integrated approach to securing their information. We focus on working with clients of all sizes to identify and address any security gaps impacting their corporate, financial, person, proprietary and sensitive information.


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