Security Assessment

Provides organizations the ability to ensure
they are protecting the right things

Security Assessment Services:

Business impact assessments

The business impact assessment will help organizations understand what they need to protect.

Security risk assessments

The security risk assessment is the first step to determine the safeguards needed to secure information systems in any organization. An assessment can enable the information security function to make well-informed decisions.

Compliance assessments

Compliance assessments will determine whether an organization complies with internal and outside regulatory compliance requirements.

Integrated security assessments

Integrated security assessment combines data, risk and physical security assessments to provide a comprehensive picture of an organization's security environment.

Physical security assessments

Physical security assessments are a complete physical inspection and evaluation of every aspect of an organization's physical security controls, and the parameters in data centres and offices.

Technical assessments

The technical assessments look at the applicable technologies to ensure they are configured and patched according to the organization's standards and recommend improvements.

Vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability assessment services carefully examine an organizations' IT environment to discover any potential weaknesses.

Penetration testing

The penetration testing services leverages several tools to simulates hackers for various attack vectors.

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