Integrated Information Security

We believe in an integrated approach to information security across your entire enterprise.

Castellan Information Security has unified the various elements of information security into a unified model. In this Integrated Information Security® model the company has a holistic view of the information security spanning cyber as well as physical.

Why an integrated approach?

  1. Issue is too important
    The issue is too important to be left solely with your IT team or rely on technical measures for protection​
  2. Combination of Corporate Security Principles and IT Counter measures​
    IT and Cyber security countermeasures combined with strong Corporate Security Principles - An Information Security Program is required​
  3. Convergence of Information Security across the entire organization​
    Convergence of information security into your culture, governance, policy framework, and performance monitoring is the key​
  4. Information is NOT just digital​
    All forms of information including paper, verbal conversations, and multi-media are at risk - to only focus on one is incomplete

What areas of your organization does an integrated approach apply to?

There are so many new and evolving security threats that for many organizations, it can be overwhelming trying to ensure an organization-wide and comprehensive security strategy is developed, executed and monitored effectively.

Too often organizations are short-sighted focusing only on software and cyber-security solutions that protect their networks, servers and computers. Often resulting in security breaches and other threats to the protection and integrity of the information they wish to protect.

This approach leads to reactionary mitigation to these threats instead of proactive measures that lessen the ability and likelihood of security breaches to the organization. Castellan Information Security can provide a comprehensive integrated security approach that encompasses all areas of your organization including the following areas below.

Governance & Corporate Culture​

  • Is Information Security a Corporate Priority?​
  • Reporting, Oversight, Compliance Verification​
  • Policies and Procedures​
  • The Role of Leadership​
  • What is the Information Security Culture?

Physical & Personnel Security​

  • Applying Principles of Physical Security ​
  • Layers of Security​
  • Doors, Locks, Windows and Cabinets​
  • Hiring Practises & Reference Checks​
  • Internal Investigations​
  • Security Briefings and NDAs​
  • Conflict of Interest Management​

Non - IT Information

  • Handling Procedures for Paper​
  • Information Classification​
  • Secure Storage​
  • Destruction Management ​
  • Meetings and Travel Protocols​
  • Sharing and Transporting Files​
  • Portable Storage Devices​

Emergency Management and Business Continuity

  • Matter of "When" not "If"​
  • Containment Reduces Loss​
  • Mobilization of Key Players is Key​
  • Planning and Testing​
  • Public Relations Readiness​
  • Client and Partner Notification​
  • Breach Notification​

IT & Cyber Security Measures​

  • Cyber Security policy is a subset of Corporate Information Security Policy​
  • Cyber Security policies and practices​
  • Acceptable Technology Use Agreement​
  • Proper tools implemented to prevent intruders and breaches​
  • Annual training programs in place

How does Castellan deliver this integrated security approach?

Together with our strategic partner network, we provide best-in-class solutions and services for our integrated approach including the following:

Security Assessment Services

Castellan Information Security assessment services provide organizations the ability to ensure they are protecting the right things.

Information security assessments should be a fundamental requirement for any security program.

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Security Assurance Services

Castellan Information Security assurance services help executives to strategically assure they have to right protection and processes in place for their organizations.

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Security Solutions

Castellan Information Security security solutions help clients to close security gaps with the appropriate technologies and services. Security solutions are delivered with the appropriate processes and procedures to ensure effective a security service is being delivered within an organization.

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Security Awareness Services

Castellan Information Security security awareness training Services all types of security training from executives to employees.

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