End-to-end information security
service provider

Digital/Cyber/IT and non-digital services

Castellan Information Security is an end-to-end information security service provider. We work with clients to identify and address any gaps impacting their corporate, financial, personal, proprietary, and sensitive information.

Our differentiator is that we take a holistic/integrated approach to information security that focuses on digital/cyber/IT as well as information in non-digital forms.

Our services are designed to gather information from key resources within the client's business and identify gaps that present risks to company information. Assessors can examine four key areas within the client's organization followed by a report outlining key findings and recommendations.

  1. Security Assessment
  2. Security Assurance
  3. Technology Security Solutions
  4. Security Awareness

Our integrated approach to information security is developed to help customers build a comprehensive and sustainable information security program. These services are based on a variety of industry leading theories and standards that focus on integrated measures that make up a comprehensive information security program.

We believe that effective information security is the result of a broad and interconnected enterprise-wide commitment to security and is much more complex than solely focusing on technical cybersecurity countermeasures or any single-faceted approach.

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